Домой In English Chess Club in Moscow at VDNKh

Chess Club in Moscow at VDNKh


Every year new modern facilities appear on the territory of VDNKh1 in Moscow, Russia. But not all of these buildings fits into a richly decorated space of social realism era.

And yet there are modern buildings that look decent in the background of architectural monuments. One of these objects, which is worth a look is a one-storey building of the Chess Club. It is particularly interesting to view this construction in more details in the light of the emerging idea to build the Chess Academy in the center of Sochi.


This pavilion was opened on 21 May 2015. Architect: P. V. Kotova.


Club area is about 400 square meters. In addition to the playing hall, there are a mother-and-baby room, storeroom, storage room for gaming equipment and a toilet.

Main technical data:

  • Total area of the roof: 498.4 м2.
  • Height: 7.2 м;
  • Total structural volume: 1921.636 м3;
  • Bedding type: monolithic reinforced concrete slab;
  • Terrace coating: profiled planks of larch wood;
  • Walls: cross-laminated profiled planks of larch wood;
  • Roof: seamed radial curvilinear and rectilinear pattern (0.6 mm galvanised steel coated with Pural 52F+, color RR 22).

The playing hall has 12 wooden tables installed. The club hosts chess competitions and master-classes, foreign languages study classes; also photography amateurs’ meetups held here.


The building is constructed from environmentally friendly materials and adapted for patrons with limited mobility.

It is located near by the Culture House at VDNKh, the ping-pong playing grounds and the «Fantastic City» playground for children.


Children play on the playground or chess while adults play ping-pong or do yoga — such a nice, cosy and loving atmosphere.


It would be great to have something similar in Sochi, as here, in a resort town, we have only commercial projects trending now.

«Architecture of Sochi»

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ИСТОЧНИКШахматный клуб на ВДНХ в Москве
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