Домой События Digest of the Architecture of Sochi, February 2011

Digest of the Architecture of Sochi, February 2011


February 1

Studio «Projectservice»
Introduction to architectural art studio «Projectservice», with its leading architects and their works.

President of SC «Olympstroy» resigned
Taimuraz Bolloev, the President of the State Corporation «Olympstroy», resigned for health reasons. The position of chief architect of the corporation was established, and an architectural section began to work when Balloev took this post. Deputy Chief of Staff of the Government Sergei Gaplikov was appointed as the new President of the corporation.

February 3

2nd Suggestion for Olympic University

Variant of adjustment of the project of Olympic University was developed in an architectural workshop «Forum» of Leonid Zvukov. This modification is aimed to preserve the pedestrian area of the upper promenade and of pine groves.

February 4

Started concluding stage of the construction of railway station in Adler
The fourth part of the complex will be built near the old station building. In parallel, the works continue in three other parts of the complex.

3rd Suggestion for Olympic University

The third variant of corrections for the project of the Olympic University was prepared by architects of the studio «AR.KO». It is proposed the main volumes of the University to bury to the level of the lower promenade around the atrium, through which the rooms will be lighted naturally.

February 7

Meeting of the Public City Planning Council on February 1, 2011

Several important issues were discussed at this meeting: public hearing of proposed changes to the Rules of Land Use and Development of Sochi scheduled on February 8-11; the rapid reducing of the number of common areas; the construction of third stage of the Alternate of Kurortny Prospect avenue along Tchaikovsky Street and the construction of the Olympic University.

February 8

Oleg Kharchenko: «Project of the Olympic Park had to be created from scratch»
In an interview, the Chief Architect of the State Corporation «Olympstroy» says about selection of the project of the Olympic Park and how to make Sochi a new Barcelona.

February 10

Station complex «Olympic Park»: the construction of a pilot area of the underground galleries started
So far being conducted only installation of foundations for different parts of the railway station.

Opening of the Vladimir Oleynik’s exhibition «Reflections»
Personal exhibition of works of Honored Artist of Russia Vladimir Oleynik opens on February 10.

Work continues on the engineering protection of the Imereti lowland
Embankment is strengthened with reinforced concrete blocks for more than 2 kilometres along. Work completion is scheduled for the end of this year.

February 11

A Museum of Ballet will be opened in the renovated villa «Nadezhda»

In June 2009, the funds were allocated for the reconstruction of the villa «Nadezhda», the house of Sergei Khudekov, the founder of the Park «Dendrarium». All works will be completed in 2012. Then a museum of ballet founded by Dmitry Krivospahko, the local historian of Sochi, will be opened in the building.

February 12

Signed a contract on the development of an automated traffic management system in Sochi
It is planned to use the latest intellectual developments in the field of software and hardware used to control traffic on city roads. Completion of the project is scheduled for May 2013 but to the end of 2013 it will be in test operation.

February 17

Public hearings in all districts of Sochi

Public hearings on draft changes to The Rules of Land Use and Development of the resort city of Sochi held in the Adler, Khostinsky, Central and Lazarevsky districts on February 8, 9, 10 and 11.

Public hearings on February 16, 2011
At the hearings, the projects were presented for 8 marine terminals in the implementation of maritime passenger transport. It is planned that the sea taxis start to cruise along the coast of Sochi in June 2011. Terminals are planned to be built by 2013.

February 19

Vyacheslav Vnukov: The First attempt
Vyacheslav Vnukov worked as the Chief Architect of Sochi for 14 years. On January 9, 2010, Vyacheslav Vnukov died. But he managed to finish his book «Twenty-three years at the resort. Memories», which was published in 2009. «Architecture of Sochi» starts publishing a series of articles based on this book. Chapter 3: «THE FIRST ATTEMPT» (Fall 1960).

February 22

An underground passage will be at the traffic interchange «Gagarina-Donskaya»
The construction of traffic interchange began in November 2009. As of today, the specialists of NPO «Mostovik» conduct construction of five retaining walls and pedestrian underpass.

Forgotten Anniversary: 50 Years of Big Sochi
On february 10, 1961 it has been signed The Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the RSFSR «On the extension of the city of Sochi…». Thus the city got the dimensions (105 km along the coast) and the administrative structure exist at the present time, and was named the Big Sochi.

Trapeznikov’s dacha awaits update

Renovation of the building of doctor Trapeznikov‘s dacha (built in the end of XIX century), which is now one of the buildings of the sanatorium «Zapolyarye», is conducted as part of the sanatorium reconstruction. The first of all, the historical monument was returned to the original shape — the later extension of spa was demolished. Exterior finish of the building will also be updated.

February 23

Electric trains between the airport and station Adler to go starting December this year
Yet in test operation then. But by the summer of 2012 it’s planned to launch traffic on the schedule. Four trains will run there every hour, i.e. a train in every 20 minutes.

February 25

Installation of a roof began on the construction of a kindergarten in the village Nekrasovskoe
The specialists of «YaK» company from Rostov-on-Don have started the construction of a kindergarten late last year. Construction is carried out quickly, but without taking seismic norms into account in the constructive scheme of a building.

February 28

New school in the district Veseloye-Psou planned to put by the new school year

Construction of a three-storey school for 1000 pupils began in July 2010. The construction of the main structures of the complex was completed by late February 2011, and now outside finish works and layout of engineering networks are under way.

Presented the drafts of multi-storey and plane car parks
At a meeting with the Mayor, the Head of Architecture and Urban Development of Sochi Oleg Sheveyko presented 34 projects to deploy multi-storey car parks throughout the city — almost all of them are located in places most congested by cars.

«the Architecture of Sochi»

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