Домой События Digest of the Architecture of Sochi, October 26 — November 19

Digest of the Architecture of Sochi, October 26 — November 19


October 26

The revival of maritime communication
The Administration of Krasnodar Krai agreed to the documentation for land planning for eight marine terminals of the sea port of Sochi. They will be placed in the Imereti Bay, in the center of Adler, in Kourortny Gorodok, Khosta, Matsesta, Dagomys, Loo, and Lazarevsky.

October 29

Zaytsev the Architects

Evgeny and Valentine, born in Rostov-on-Don, opened his workshop in 1987. During the carrier they carried out over 1200 orders from the people of the city of Sochi.

November 1

Preparing amendments to the law of architectural activity
The Russian Union of Architects has prepared a draft federal law «On Amending the Federal Law On Architectural Activity in the Russian Federation».

A second level is built at Gagarina — Donskaya junction

Metal spans have already made in most pillars on Gagarina Street.

November 2

Station in Adler will be built over a rail road.

NGO «Mostovik» has started construction of the main part of the railway station. At a height of 10 meters over the railway is the main lobby, a distribution hall for passengers.

November 3

Hermann Tilke’s company signed a contract to design the Formula 1 circuit in Sochi.
On October 28 the Tilke Gmbh company signed a contract with OAO Technology Transfer Center of construction industry of Krasnodar Territory «Omega». The Grand Prix of Russia to take place in Sochi in 2014.

November 5

Igor Yaroshevsky: «The hostages of … Freedom»
In one chapter of the book «Architecture and Power» (2001) it’s talked about the situation in the architecture at the time of Perestroika, which was the beginning of urban chaos in Sochi.

November 9

Housing and recreation complex «Caravel of Portugal»

Complex «Caravela Portuguesa» («Caravel of Portugal») will be built in Dagomys. The project is executed by experts of Portuguese architectural bureau Miguel Saraiva & Associados.

November 12

Architectural concept of the expansion of the Central waterfront from «Gnuchev & partners»

The architects of the company «Gnuchev & partners» company developed voluntarily the architectural concept of the reconstruction of the seaside promenade between the Sea Port and Pushkin Avenue.

Project of reconstruction of a shallow berth in Sochi seaport from Eldar Absudov

Project of reconstruction is already selected. But it’s worth to get know other development proposals. For example, Eldar Absudov, a student at the 6 th year of the Sochi State University for Tourism and Recreation (SGUTiKD), Department of Design, has proposed reconstruction project of the shallow berth in Sochi seaport.

November 13

29 new parking spaces will be built in Sochi by 2012
Parking construction was one of the main issues at the meeting of the operational staff for the traffic organization in Sochi on Friday, November 12. Construction of covered parking is included as a special paragraph to the Olympic reconstruction program in all areas of the city.

Public Hearing on November 10, 2010
On Wednesday, November 10, 2010 public hearings has been held in the Administration of the Central district. Two issues were presented: assessing the environmental impact of the project of engineering network construction on sites of resettlement fund in the area of Jan Fabricius street and installation of new high-voltage network to the Adler Power plant.

November 16

Igor Yaroshevsky: urban concept of the central seafront promenade.

Igor Yaroshevsky outlined the stages of reconstruction of the seaside promenade in separate topic of his book «Architecture and Power» (2001).

Black Sea resort from PRP architects.

This project designed by PRP architects was used as the basis for the project of Olympic University. Although this complex in this form never be built.

3D presentation of the «Olympic Park» station
«Olympic Park» Station project designed by Nikita Yavein’s «Studio 44». It’s received a silver diploma of the festival «Architecture-2010» in October this year.

November 19

Public hearing on November 18, 2010
A few statements were examined. The hottest debate dawned by the transfer of the beach of Imereti Valley from zone R-1 (public beaches) into zone RK (medical and health institutions) which allows high-rise buildings up to 33 meters in area.

«the Architecture of Sochi»

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  1. 26 октября

    Возрождения морского сообщения
    Администрация Краснодарского края решила документации по землеустройству в течение восьми морских терминалов морского порта Сочи. Они будут размещены в Имерети залива, в центре Адлера, в Kourortny Городок, Хоста, Мацеста, Дагомыс, Лоо, и Лазаревский.

    29 октября

    Зайцев архитекторов

    Евгений и Валентин, родился в Ростове-на-Дону, открыл свою мастерскую в 1987 году. В носителей, они совершили более 1200 заказов от жителей города Сочи.

    Подробнее http://arch-sochi.ru/2010/11/digest-of-the-architecture-of-sochi-october-24-november-19/#ixzz168k4NKhk

    Это на каком языке вообще 🙂 ? Переводчик с русского на албанский и обратно?


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