Домой События Digest of the Architecture of Sochi, March 2011

Digest of the Architecture of Sochi, March 2011


March 4

With 50th anniversary!
The Sochi city organisation of the Union of Architects of Russia congratulates architect George Borisovich Serebryakov on the 50th anniversary!

March 5

Byzantine church in Imereti lowland will be a museum

It was thought that this object has been destroyed during the irrigation and construction work. The temple was found during the archaeological rescue work started before the construction of Olympic facilities. It will become an open air museum.

March 6

A new Set of Rules «Accessibility of buildings and facilities for the disabled people»
Ministry of Regional Development submitted a new draft of the Code of accessibility to buildings and facilities for the disabled people. Public hearing on the draft started since March 1st.

March 9

Theme park «Sochi-park presented at the MIPIM-2011

Krasnodar Region presented the project of «Sochi-Park» at the International Exhibition of Commercial Real Estate MIPIM-2011 in Cannes (France). The project consist of a year-round theme park and an international entertainment centre.

Italian architects conducts a series of master classes in Sochi.
On 11 and 14 March 2011, Business Center of Italy at the Chamber of Commerce of Sochi and the Institute for Foreign Trade of Italy conducted a series of master classes of Italian design and architecture as a part of the Year of Italy in Russia.

March 11

Second phase of installation of the metal frame of the dome continues at Grand Ice Arena.

Assembling of the frame is carried out in two stages. On the first stage, 17 largest farms were installed, which completely overlapped the space above the main hockey field. On the second stage, the metal covering of the halls is to mount. It consist of 68 steel semi-arcs, which were called sabre farms due to its unusual shape.

March 12

Sanatorium «New Sochi»

A big construction of palace style building on the project of one of the first women engineers in our country Tamara Katsenelenbogen began in 1953-1954. In 1955 the main building was put into operation. Thus the holiday house became a recreation sanatorium and was named «New Sochi» on the name of his place location.

March 13

Pushkin Library opens after the repair

The oldest city library was renovated in less than a year. The opening ceremony was held on March 4, 2011.

Vyacheslav Vnukov: Unexpected news
«Architecture of Sochi» continues to publish selected chapters of memoirs of Vyacheslav Sergeyevich Vnukov — the Chief Architect of Sochi from 1971 to 1985.

«Trees» on mountain slopes

Evgeny Serdyukov first time proposed the idea of cosmism in architecture thirty years ago. His architectural designs have always distinguished by their depth, originality and expressiveness.

March 14

Media Center in the Imereti lowland is under construction round the clock
Several months were spent on ground preparation. Only after it it began to make the foundation slab. The main media centre for the Winter Olympics scheduled to be commissioned in 2013.

March 15

Execution of the project «Uniform architectural appearance» was discussed in the city administration
Anatoly Pakhomov, the Mayor of Sochi, was displeased with government officials to bring the city to the uniform architectural design. Now this problem will be addressed weekly.

March 16

Half of announced projects in Sochi is frozen
This trend is linked with the law on which the construction of all facilities, including furnish of the facades and roofs, shall be completed by early 2012. In this context, short term deficit of high-quality and liquid big-deal offers is projected in Sochi. And that could contribute to a shift in demand for real estate listings located in Krasnaya Polyana.

International Union of Architects urged his colleagues to come to Congress in Tokyo, despite tragedy
The next International Congress of Architects to be held in late September this year in Tokyo. The website of the Union of Architects of Russia placed an electronic communiqué of ISA. The report emphasises that despite the tragedy, the Organising Committee of the Congress continues to work on preparations for the congress in September.

District House of Culture «Aelita» opened after major repairs
Facility was built in 1975 on a draft of the Sochi architect Natalia Milova as a cinema. It later became a District House of Culture. «Aelita» has endured full-scale reconstruction for the first time in its about 36-year-old history.

March 19

There is no time on architecture
Construction of housing for relocated people looks most depressing. The farther away from the Olympic Park and zones of international hospitality the more dull appearance of the houses.

Dress code for flyovers
Unsafe and unsupervised areas always appear under flyovers in a city. Ideally, there could be a park with English lawns and biking trails.

Lights and Colour of Sochi nights

Since the beginning of March this year, dynamic lighting of Sochi TV tower ignites every day at 8:00 PM. The city of Sochi and the Krasnodar Region signed an agreement on the forthcoming cooperation with the company Royal Philips Electronics, the largest lighting manufacturer, which will implement energy-efficient technologies in street lighting and will develop the uniform lighting concept of the upcoming Olympic capital.

March 20

Began the erection of a metalware of indoor skating centre
On site of this sport facility, the concrete foundation has been laid on all perimeter of the building. The area of ​​this foundation exceeds 33,000 square meters. Completed an underground gallery connecting separate zones and allowing athletes to enter the arena bypassing the skating area.

March 21

Project with transformation

The complex of buildings to accommodate the media during the Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014 designed by the «SPEECH Choban / Kuznetsov» workshop. At the Olympics these buildings will operate as a 3-star hotel complex for 4200 rooms. After the Olympics they will be turn into housing.

March 22

Seminar: «The European tradition of quality housing in Russia. Materials and Technologies»
Oleg Antonov, the Head of Representative Office of «Ladny Dom» in Moscow, presents an European tradition of house building in the context of Russian realities. Also addresses the application of European materials in the climatic conditions of Southern Russia.

Flyover intersection ring

Construction of flyover intersection ring started at the intersection of Donskaya street and Gagarina street, one of the most problematic Sochi road junctions.

March 24

Laid the first stone of a seaside Olympic Village

On Wednesday, March 23, 2011 in the Imereti lowland, took place a solemn ceremony of laying the first stone of the Olympic village of the seaside cluster. The project provides construction of about 1.7 thousand apartments located in 53 buildings on the area of about 232000 square meters.

March 25

Vyacheslav Vnukov: Weekdays and holidays of a house designer. Part 1
«Architecture of Sochi» continues to publish excerpts from the book «Twenty-three years at the resort» by Vyacheslav Sergeyevich Vnukov.

March 29

Station Adler: The final stage of installation of metal concourse

Specialists of NGO «Mostovik» came to the final stage of installation of the metal frame of the main operational and distribution hall (concourse), the central part of the railway station «Adler». Work on the «urban» part of the station is underway now.

Session of the Commission to change the LUDR on March 25, 2011

The regular session of the Commission into changes of the Land Use and Development Regulations (LUDR) has held with new members.

Construction of «Doubler» is now conducted also in city centre
The highway should go through whole Zavokzalny micro-district and head to the southern side of the city. A spadework is already conducted on the slope fenced with a dark blue fence.

New projects of the Sochi health facilities

In September 2009, Central polyclinic of Sochi Station designed by «YugAkademTsentr» (Sochi) has been solemnly opened. This year, the architects of «YugAkademTsentr» prepared the project of reconstruction of Department of Preventive Disinfection (MPA) into an administrative building. The Research Center of the Sochi branch of the Federal Center of Hygiene and Epidemiology on Rail Transport will be located in this building.

March 30

«Bypass of the city of Sochi» is planned to be extended until Nizhnyaya Hobza village
The project of construction of a new turn of the existing highway is currently being examined.

March 31

The Moscow experts have estimated real estate of Sochi
The 24-th specialised exhibition «Real Estate 2011» was held in Moscow on March 24-27. It held a press conference on the theme of «Resort Real estate of Sochi in the eve of the 2014 Olympics».

Repairs of the museum of Valeria Barsova is taken under personal control of the mayor of Sochi
During the inspection of Chernomorskaya Street held on March 29, 2011, the mayor has criticised the contractor conducting repair work on historic site.

«the Architecture of Sochi»

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