Домой События Digest of the Architecture of Sochi, September 20 — October 3

Digest of the Architecture of Sochi, September 20 — October 3


September 20

The chief architect of the Olympic University thee-and-thou sports
About features, problems and prospects of Olympic University said Vladimir Korotaev, architect of the project.

25 SNIPs in the design will be changed
Texts of updated standards will be presented for discussion by the professional community in late September — early October. Within 2 months it will be possible to propose amendments to the regulations.

September 24

Public hearings held yesterday in Sochi on the issue of changing regulations of land use and building

The rules were adopted less than a year ago. Public hearings on zoning passed first time. That why many questions were not only on the topic, but also on the procedure.

September 29

A permission to build a road to the complex «Gornaya carousel» was granted
Yu. Rysin, the Head of the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning of Krasnodar Region, gave to GU Krasnodaravtodor a permission to build the car road from Esto-Sadok to sport-tourism complex «Gornaya carousel».

September 30

Ten new gardens and parks to appear in Sochi
The program is designed as compensatory measures to restore forest parks, which were affected during the construction of transportation facilities.
New gardens and parks will be established in all districts of Greater Sochi. They will open in early 2011.

October 1

The International Festival of Architecture, Design and yachts held in Anapa on September 24-27

In Anapa the festival brought together architects from Russia, Serbia, Latvia and Abkhazia. The event was dedicated to the development of yachting infrastructure, planning and use of water and coastal areas. The festival was held contest «Aerostatic architecture for the Olympic Games Sochi-2014» and the contest of yacht club projects. On the second day of the festival held a conference «Infrastructure development of yacht tourism», on which was presented the reconstruction project of the Central seafront promenade in Sochi. On the third day of the festival was held regatta for architects and designers «Anapa Breeze 2010».

Public hearing to amend the Rules of Land Use and Development held in Central District
Te agenda was of 8 things. Among them — the question of changing the boundaries of territorial zone for the site on which the cinema Sputnik was located from P-2 (green area of general use) to OD-2 (social and business center). Public hearings have assembled a lot of Sochi residents concerned about the fate of the city.

October 2

Approved documentation for land planning Imreti lowlands

The Ministry of Regional Development of Russia has approved the documentation for the planning of the territory of Imereti lowlands for location and construction of Olympic facilities.

«the Architecture of Sochi»

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