Домой События Digest of the Architecture of Sochi, August 2-8

Digest of the Architecture of Sochi, August 2-8


August 2.

Architectural Section of the SC «Olimpstroy» approved the draft of the hotel complex «Chernomorets»

The regular meeting of the architectural section of the State Corporation «Olimpstroy» held on July 29, 2010 under the chairmanship of O.A. Kharchenko, the chief architect of the corporation. The main issues to be discussed was a draft of five-star hotels «Chernomorets Hotel and Spa» and «Chernomorets Park».

Pamira Zadikyan: from architect to puppet-maker

Pamira used to work as an architect in the institute «Yuzhgiprokommunstroy» and as an advertising specialist in the Hotel Complex «Dagomys» for several years. Since 1991 she moved into doll-making. Her works include dolls for TV-show «Kavkazky Krug», dolls for «The Tale of Tsar Sultan», and for a fairy tales «Cinderella» , «1000 and 1 nights», etc.

August 3

Achipsinskaya fortress

Achipsinskaya fortress was the largest site of settlement in early medieval era (VII-X centuries). It is located on the crest of a mountain near the confluence of the rivers Achipse and Mzymta to north-east of Krasnaya Polyana.

August 4

Perhaps only the first of three rounds of Kurortny Prospect — 2 would be constructed.
Reports had speculated that the officials may cancel a number of infrastructure projects due to the decline in budgetary spending for the 2014 Olympics, including Kurortny Prospect — 2. Federal authorities have decided to optimize the program of Olympic construction in order to not make up a new astronomical budget for the Sochi-2014.

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