Домой События Digest of the Architecture of Sochi, January 2011

Digest of the Architecture of Sochi, January 2011


January 4

The city authorities plan to rebuild the wall of Navaginsky fortress

At the meeting on 27 December 2010 Anatoly Pakhomov, the Mayor of Sochi, said that the land where remains of the ramparts of the fort are located will not be used for construction. It’s planned to reconstruct the wall and restore the staircase linking Voykova street to Ordzhonikidze street.

Sale of residential real estates with Olympic encumbrance starts in Sochi.
Being constructed residential real estates in Sochi will be used as hotels for the Olympics in 2014. Properties are on sale before completion, but the perspective owners will not be able to use them during the Olympics.

January 10

M. Merzhanov: «sanatorium-giant»

Architect M. Merzhanov talks about his project, the complex of Voroshilov Sanatorium , which took the Grand Prix at the Paris Exhibition of 1937.

January 11

Determined the cities where disassembling stadiums «will move to» after the Olympics.
The destiny for each of the 14 Olympic venues has been determined at the meeting held on January 4, 2011 with the participation of the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and on the preparation for the Olympic Games in Sochi.

January 14

Prime Minister suggested to link Cities of World Cup-2018 in a network of high-speed rail road.
Russia’s bid, which is December 2, 2010 won the right to host the World Cup 2018, provides carrying out of matches in 13 cities, including Sochi. Vladimir Putin suggested to link these cities in a network of high-speed rail service.

January 15

Project of reconstruction of the area of marina and the harbor from Mikhail Filippov.

In 1999, the Seaport District reconstruction project was designed by the studio of Mikhail Filippov. But it remained on paper like all other contest projects.

January 18

Public hearing to update the RLUD rescheduled to the beginning of February.
Scheduled for mid-January public hearings on the draft amendment to the Rules of Land Use and Development of Sochi are postponed till the beginning of February.

The dome of the Great Ice Arena takes shape

The first phase of installation of a bearing skeleton of the dome was completed in late 2010, and in the new year has started with metal coating of lobbies.

The assembly of the metal frame of arena for curling has began
Specialists of NGO «Mostovik» have started installation of a metalware of one more sports stadium in the Olympic park. Curling Arena will be commissioned in 2012.

January 20

Another road junction will be constructed on Transportnaya street
Another road junction will be constructed at the intersection of Transportnaya street and the exit of the road «Bypass of the city of Sochi». Construction of this facility is planned be completed in November 2012.

The project of the first stage of reconstruction of sea port of Sochi

The project developed by V. Hoffelnerom («Europroject») provides construction of these complexes: 4 star hotel for 250 rooms, a shopping complex «Arcada», an office building and a marina for yachts.

January 21

The first public hearing in 2011

Public hearings held January 17, 2011 were devoted to review of the «Environmental impact» section of the reconstruction project for the sea port of Sochi.

January 22

Reconstruction of the Sochi circus will end by 2014
About three billion roubles is planned to allocate for the reconstruction of the Sochi circus which is in poor condition.

January 24

Congratulations on 70 years!
The Sochi city organization of the Union of Architects of Russia congratulates Avakimyants Oleg Alexandrovich, director of «IntEksstroy», a member of the Union of Architects since 1973, on his 70th birthday! We wish you new and interesting work, good health and success!

January 26

Regional authorities are unwilling to give Small Ice Arena to another region
The authorities of Krasnodar Region expects to move the Small Ice Arena for hockey, which is built in Sochi for the Winter Olympic Games in 2014 to Krasnodar, but not to Vladikavkaz, as previously planned.

Who are vandals?

One of the most beautiful buildings in the city — the Summer Theatre built in 1937, is being destroyed before our sight. Reconstruction of the theatre is on attempt to be include into the «Friendly City» program, they are trying to find investors, but the fate of the theatre is not clear yet.

January 28

Villa Vera awaiting reconstruction.

The Mayor and deputies have found a possibility to restore the «Villa Vera», a historic building and cultural monument, with the support of the regional budget.

January 29

Town Planning Board on January 26, 2011

The first in 2011 Town Planning Board under the Mayor of the city of Sochi held on January 26, where it were considered three reconstruction projects: the Sochi bus station, the Moscow Hotel and the Cafe «Wave» on Thernomorskaya street.

January 30

A proposal for Olympic University project

One of the options for adjusting the project of the Sochi Olympic University proposed by a Sochi architecture studio to maximally preserve the pedestrian zone and a pine grove on hillside.

«the Architecture of Sochi»

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