Домой События Digest of the Architecture of Sochi, July 19-25

Digest of the Architecture of Sochi, July 19-25


July 19.

The construction of 7 out of 10 new road junctions is underway in Sochi.
The following road junctions are in construction now: at the intersection of Plastunskaya street and Makarenko street, at the «Krasnodarskoye Koltso» junction, at the intersection of Donskaya street and Gagarina street, near the Central Stadium, at the «Adlerskoye Koltso» junction. Preparation works are underway at the intersection of Vinogradnaya street and Donskaya street and in «Golubye Dali» community. Putting into operation of these facilities will significantly improve the transport
infrastructure of Sochi.

Permission is given for the construction of residential quarters for settlers on Ya. Farbritsiusa street.

The project of a residential area has been made by «Ecostroy» Ltd. The first stage will be 22 cottages are built, in which Sochi residents will be moved from the zone of Olympic construction.

July 20.

Suspension bridge over Mzymta river

The problem with a landslide, which was discovered during the construction of tunnel complex No.3 (on the new road Adler — Krasnaya Polyana) has been solved with a suspension bridge.
Tunnel complex No.3 locates on the site from 23th to 28th km (near Kepsha village). It is the longest tunnel complex on this road.

July 22

Completed concreting of base plate of Biathlon Stadium
Builders have started construction of walls and columns of the ground floor. After the 2014 Olympics the playground will be equipped with a roller track. And the building of the stadium will be converted into a multipurpose sports complex.

Sochi Circus is closing for reconstruction

The building was designed by the architect Yu. L. Shvartsbreym and was awarded by the State Prize of the Gosstroy of USSR. The construction of the circus was completed in 1971. Since then the building has never been reconstructed.

Public Hearings on Olympic projects
On July, 21st, 2010, in Sochi, have been held public hearings on several Olympic projects. To the public were presented: The Mountain Olympic Village, The Mountain tourist center of OJSC «GAZPROM», the Mountain-climatic resort «Alpika-Service» and the Mountain-ski resort «Rosa Khutor». The environmental issues were key in the discussion.

July 23.

The construction of a school with 1000 seats started in Adler

The school has been designed by Terem Ltd. together with the Krasnodargrazhdanproekt Institute. To date, works on arrangement of the foundation have been completed. Builders have started erection of monolithic reinforced concrete on the ground floor. Project completion is planned by the end of August 2011.

July 25.

Building of Philately Store keep its architectural appearance

Originally a new store of 3,200 square meters was planned on the site of the old building. However, the public were strongly opposed the new construction which threatened to destroy the mini garden created by S.I. Venchagov. So the project was changed.

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