Домой События Digest of the Architecture of Sochi, July 12-18

Digest of the Architecture of Sochi, July 12-18


July 13

Concern «Vant» could sell the Entertainment Centre «Cascade»
Sergei Nazarov, Vice-governor of Rostov Region, has offered Valery Chabanov, the head of «Vant», to sell the Entertainment Centre «Cascade» in Sochi, owned by the concern, within six months and use this money for completion of projects.

The «Deck» for the «Titanic»

Following the high-riser «Titanic», the Design Workshop «Alex Bavykin and partners» has designed a low-rise residential complex of a gallery type on Alpijskaya street in Sochi. The new house is not like his «pair» but shades it out contrastly: the «Titanic» is a high tower, and its «Gallery-type» neighbour is stretched horizontally. The tower is solid and looks carved out of stone, while accents of the new house set on windows and loggia.

July 15

Concrete works on the Big Ice Arena are set for completion

Currently, the concreting of the bearing ring for dome has been begun. It is a truss in width of 2,1 and height of 1,5 meter, which is located at the mark of plus 27 meters. The frame of the dome is fully prepared for installation. Once the first sector of the truss is ready engineers start to install the frame.

July 18

Yet another «Radisson» Hotel is to appear in Sochi
The company Rezidor Hotel Group will be responsible for the technical surveillance of construction works, and after will operate a 4-star hotel in Sochi, which is being built as part of the renovation of the seaport area. The hotel will be located north of the historic building of marine terminal and is named «Radisson Grand Marina Sochi».

«Mostovik» builds the Olympic stadium for curling

In late June the «Mostovik» company has signed a contract for construction of the Curling stadium for 3000 seats. The stadium will be of sectional design and after Olympics it will be disassembled and reassembled on another place if needed.

Construction of children’s sport school on Parkovaya street has entered into final stage

Engineers and construction workers of the «Stroysistema-2000» company has started interior and exterior finishing works of the construction of children’s sport school. Builders are doing all possible to make this facility commissioned this autumn.

«the Architecture of Sochi»

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